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MAKIKAWA is a professional manufacturer of planetary reducers and the solution maker of AGV mobile robots.

MAKIKAWA-MOTION TECHNOLOGY (ZHEJIANG) CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of planetary reducers and the solution maker of AGV mobile robots. We integrate R&D, production, sales and service for one-stop.
MAKIKAWA originates from Kyushu Precision Technology Industry (located in Fukuoka City, Japan). “Professional technology, free association, pursuit of excellence products” as the management concept, and have accumulated high precision machining and processing technology for internal gears, external gears and special gears. and achieved "μ"-level processing precision. MAKIKAWA uses the high precision equipment from Japan and German and the JIS materials. So, high precision, high rigidity, high torque, low noise, long life and maintenance-free are main performance of our products. Meanwhile, we could do the customization for customers to provide high precision planetary reducers to meet the various working condition requirement.
MAKIKAWA adheres to the principle of the initialization for customers service, the ingenuity for keeping improving and the perseverance for quality control. And we focus on the many application fields , mainly including industrial automation, new energy lithium battery equipment, photovoltaic equipment, mobile robot, Scara robot, parallel manipulator, printing machinery, laser cutting machine, packaging machinery, pharmaceutical machine, bending machine, spring machine, machine tools and non-standard automation equipment industries.

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MKAT / MPAT series planetary reducer Industry knowledge

How can the multi-directional installation of MPAT series planetary reducers reduce installation steps and time?
MPAT series planetary reducer is a high-performance, flexible installation transmission equipment, widely used in industrial automation, robots, machine tools and other fields. Its multi-directional installation design significantly simplifies the installation process, reduces installation steps and time, and has the following advantages:
The MPAT series planetary reducer adopts a modular design, and each component can be flexibly combined to adapt to different installation needs. The modular design means no complex customized parts are required during installation, greatly simplifying the installation steps. Standard modules pre-designed and manufactured in the factory can be quickly assembled into a reducer that meets user needs.
Standardized interfaces and flange configurations allow MPAT series reducers to be easily connected to various equipment. These standardized interfaces not only ensure installation consistency but also reduce adjustment and adaptation time. Users do not need to spend a lot of time on interface matching and adjustment, thus speeding up the installation process.
MPAT series reducers can be installed horizontally, vertically and at any angle. No matter how complex the equipment layout is, you can find a suitable installation method. This flexibility allows engineers to freely choose the optimal installation angle according to site conditions during the design and installation process without the need to redesign the support structure or adapters, greatly simplifying the installation work.
Multi-directional installation capabilities allow the reducer to be efficiently utilized in limited or irregular spaces. For example, in a small space, you can choose vertical installation or oblique installation to make full use of the space. This not only reduces the space preparation time required for installation, but also avoids structural modifications due to lack of space, further shortening the installation time.
Since MPAT series reducers are designed with a variety of standardized installation methods, users do not need to carry out complex customized designs when selecting reducers. This not only reduces the time and cost of early design, but also reduces the risks and uncertainties caused by customized design.
Standardized design and modular production mean that factories can produce and reserve a large number of standard parts in advance, and users can quickly assemble and deliver them after placing an order. Compared with products that require customized production, this greatly shortens the manufacturing cycle and preparation time, allowing users to start installation and use faster.
Multi-directional installation capabilities and standardized interfaces reduce tedious steps during installation. Users only need to follow the instructions to fix the reducer in the predetermined position and connect the standardized interface. Installation steps are greatly simplified by eliminating the need for complex measurements, alignments and adjustments.

High torque application scenarios of MPAT series planetary reducers.
MPAT series planetary reducers are widely used in various industrial fields due to their excellent high torque output capabilities. These application scenarios usually require high reliability, durability and high performance. The following are some typical application scenarios:
Industrial robots play an important role in production and manufacturing, and their joints and drive systems require high precision and high torque output. MPAT series planetary reducers can provide the required high torque to ensure the stability and accuracy of robots in complex operations. For example, in welding robots, assembly robots and handling robots, the high torque output of the reducer ensures flexible movement and precise positioning of the robot.
In automated production lines, various transmission and processing equipment require high torque output to cope with high-speed operation and heavy-duty processing. MPAT series reducers can meet these requirements and ensure efficient operation of the production line. For example, equipment such as rotating platforms, conveyor belts, and machining centers in automated assembly lines all rely on high-torque reducers to achieve stable and efficient production.
Construction machinery such as excavators, cranes and bulldozers need to work in harsh environments and high load conditions. MPAT series planetary reducer, with its high torque output capacity and high rigidity structure, can withstand heavy loads and impact forces, ensuring reliable performance of the equipment under harsh working conditions.
Mining equipment such as drilling rigs, crushers and conveyor systems often need to handle large ore and high-intensity operations. The high torque output of the MPAT series reducer ensures the stable operation of the equipment under high load and high impact conditions, improving the efficiency and safety of mining operations.
Wind turbine gearboxes require high torque output to cope with wind changes and high load transmission. The efficient transmission and high torque output capabilities of the MPAT series planetary reducer ensure the stable and efficient operation of wind turbines under different wind speed conditions, improving power generation efficiency and equipment life.
The ship's propulsion system needs to operate stably in harsh sea conditions, and high torque output is the guarantee for its reliable operation. The application of MPAT series reducers in ship propulsion systems ensures efficient propulsion of ships under high loads and complex working conditions.